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Beta information + Alpha Dashboard

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As we are approaching the end of beta period, I thought it'd be a good time to reveal some of the stats and to some exciting plans we have for the future.

As the framework is now stable and with the help of all the beta testers, in last 24 Hours, we have pushed almost 5TB Bandwidth, handled over 20M requests and had over 16K Unique People watch their favorite Movies, TV Shows, Anime and Porn without buffering with our super fast HLS + P2P streaming more than 58K Times.

(Daily combined view stats)

(Bakuto analytics for Last 24 Hours)


Alpha dashboard work in progress

With the back end now mostly done, what's a better way to add value than to make it look good? Redesigning for the sake of it never a good idea so we laid out what we want to achieve with this.

  • A brighter UI with more saturation and contrast and a dark mode for the people who work at night
  • Improved Typography
  • Better logical grouping
  • Improving how the lists and tabled are displayed
  • Modernizing & Improving  the underlying code

Below are some of the previews from the upcoming dashboard. Please note that it's not the final designs and is subject to change at any time before official release.

(Dashboard Dark)

(Dashboard Light)

(Video edit Dark)

(Video edit Light)

(Player Customization Dark)

(Player Customization Light)

Feel free to leave your feedback / suggestions below 🙂


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