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  3. Hi, Welcome to Bakuto. You can take a look at the plans and subscribe to the one that suits you. If you have any other query before buying, feel free to open a pre-sales ticket.
  4. Greetings all, I want to use Bakuto video hosting service. How to?
  5. Hi @ZioBomba, Thank you for the report. It's a known issue and unfortunately It cannot be fixed with the current P2P libraries. We do have a second video player that doesn't use P2P technology and it has everything p2p doesn't. Please take a look at these URLs. P2P Player - https://baku.to/embed/3937230de3c8041e4da6ac3246a888e8 Non P2P Player - https://baku.to/player-beta/index.php?data=3937230de3c8041e4da6ac3246a888e8 Any kind of overlay (VAST Ads, Popup ads, restart button) works on the beta player that doesn't use P2P protocol. P2P by nature doesn't allow these overlays and hence the issue in this bug report cannot be fixed. With P2P the more users you have online on your site watching that video, the faster it will stream but in exchange you cannot use any ad code or any overlay. Feel free to use non p2p player if that works for you, we the capacity to keep streaming super fast without relying on your visitors .
  6. ZioBomba

    Video Repeat Bugs

    Hi, I wanted to report a bug, which occurs when you finish watching a movie/anime or any video, if you press the button to start the video over again, the video remains in a perpetual loop without ever starting. GIF BUG: https://gyazo.com/bfc16e11ecce9727243fc90d4ce7f83c IMAGE BUG: https://prnt.sc/u28x7x My video: https://baku.to/embed/42d6c7d61481d1c21bd1635f59edae05
  7. Shu

    File manager

    I like the idea of allowing bulk export into a csv and have forwarded it to the team for the discussion for the next scrum. Could you explain what do you mean by deleting files? You are able to do it right now
  8. Note: Scroll down for TL;DR Version I'll be honest, we were struggling a little bit regarding this month's July update. Our downloads were broken, had to be tried multiple times and even then we saw some incomplete videos and on top of that our developer almost being KO'ed by Covid-19. Now these issues were rare but they still happened so behind the scenes we were monitoring and fixing the videos uploaded by our subscribers. BUT that changes today. Today we launch Bakuto 1.0.1 conveniently titled as "fuck Google and CloudFlare", because that's what we plan on doing. We have bypassed google's latest ongoing update that was happening throughout this month and we are proud to say that we have done it before the rest (ahem Edward 👀). However, it does come with a little bit of compromise To ensure maximum stability we have added extra checks to downloads which means it's gonna be a little 🐌 (sorry we can't say the S word it's against our morals and beliefs). The time it takes to process the videos is still the same, however the download time has increased a little for us so our users will have to wait a few extra minuted before videos are playable in their players. But who am I kidding? it's only a release 1.0.1 and damn right it's gonna get a lot faster from here on out. Speaking of making things faster and better, we have also released our API this month. it was requested by one of our existing subscribers and we knew we had to make it happen. So head over to https://baku.to/user/doc/ and prepare to flood our servers with all the videos you can ever need. No need to be gentle, we can handle it ( that's what she said). Now for the nerds, In the month of July (I know it's not over yet we have 1 more day left), we have reached 193K Unique Users, crossing over 552K Sessions. By tomorrow when July actually ends I'm expecting it to go reach 200K users and 560K sessions (since it's Friday). As for bandwidth, with over 1 Billion requests, we have served over 272TB Bandwidth this month alone and that's not counting the P2P bandwidth which usually covered anywhere between 60-80% of total consumption. Pretty good if I do say so myself considering it's our first month in business after exiting the beta phase. TL;DR We bypassed Google's Latest update, launched our API and flexed on our stats To stay up to date with our latest/upcoming or planned features, visit our Feature Plan To see all our releases in brief visit Release Notes If you have suggestions, leave them at our Suggestion Tracker and if you encounter any bugs, let us know at our Bug Tracker Let us know below about what do you think of this announcement. Peace out
  9. Shu

    File manager

    Changed Status to Under Review
  10. Shu


    New Dashboard Released Import Method Changed for Google Drive to ensure stable and complete downloads after Google's July 2020 Update
  11. File manager that supports selection of multiple videos; - export iframe/google drive links - deleting files - creating folder - moving files to other folder Thanks!
  12. Shu


    Hey @rootbeer, Welcome to Bakuto 👋. There isn't much to see in the forum yet but if you have any question, feel free to open a support ticket or contact me
  13. rootbeer


    Just a lurker right now might subscribe later.
  14. Ability to add custom domain for player
  15. Shu

    Player Options

    Player Options
  16. Non P2P player support
  17. Shu

    Oembed Support

    Oembed support coming soon for social networks and chat apps
  18. Shu

    Alpha Dashboard

    With all the newly added features and stability tweaks, we are almost ready to make it official
  19. Most users won't ever notice the difference but it does a great deal to security of our platform and allows us to be ready to scale our operations in future
  20. Don't ever let anyone else steal your handwork again. We have already made sure to make downloading and stealing content very hard for people and now with an extra layer of security, no one can steal your embed codes ever again
  21. Earlier we gave each user the ability to customize the player according to their needs, however we realized that it's not enough. So we have now given the ability to add domains and customize the player for every domain you publish videos to. Gotta have that custom player background, logo and colors without having to reupload the videos and using additional storage for no reason.
  22. Shu

    More Stats

    Added ability to view real-time stats for each video for users
  23. Shu

    API Released

    It's 2020, who are we kidding without rolling our a product without an API?
  24. Thank you for the feedback @furious93. I'm glad you accidentally stumbled upon the service, as for the player design, yes it's still a WIP but you can see the progress here (this link will stop working in future). Feel free to leave more feedback if you have any, we are open to all suggestions
  25. Hello, Hope You guys doing fine. I want to share my feedback after using this service so far. - I know this service accidentally ,i register to their forum and i asked them about beta tester, at first i was like "okay" because this service using google drive link but when i know what they're doing to my video and stream i was like damn,this is a good service the load is faster ,still got bug with player design but hey its beta right? im hoping we can work together in a long term in the future after the beta,this service is really good and i can't wait to see the full release 😄 Goodluck and Keep The Service Up. Best Regards.
  26. As we are approaching the end of beta period, I thought it'd be a good time to reveal some of the stats and to some exciting plans we have for the future. As the framework is now stable and with the help of all the beta testers, in last 24 Hours, we have pushed almost 5TB Bandwidth, handled over 20M requests and had over 16K Unique People watch their favorite Movies, TV Shows, Anime and Porn without buffering with our super fast HLS + P2P streaming more than 58K Times. (Daily combined view stats) (Bakuto analytics for Last 24 Hours) Alpha dashboard work in progress With the back end now mostly done, what's a better way to add value than to make it look good? Redesigning for the sake of it never a good idea so we laid out what we want to achieve with this. A brighter UI with more saturation and contrast and a dark mode for the people who work at night Improved Typography Better logical grouping Improving how the lists and tabled are displayed Modernizing & Improving the underlying code Below are some of the previews from the upcoming dashboard. Please note that it's not the final designs and is subject to change at any time before official release. (Dashboard Dark) (Dashboard Light) (Video edit Dark) (Video edit Light) (Player Customization Dark) (Player Customization Light) Feel free to leave your feedback / suggestions below 🙂
  27. Shu

    Video Repeat Bugs

    Changed Status to Accepted
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