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Share your videos with the world with our super fast ad-free HLS & P2P Community Based Video Distribution.
Import videos directly from Google Drive with more site support coming soon.

Features built for you.

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Your Video, Your Brand

Change the color to match your brand or vision, add your logo, show or hide titles, choose the perfect backdrop, add controls, and more.

Quality First

Make your videos look their best, anywhere. We have one of the highest quality, fastest loading, most reliable players with adaptive streaming.

Embed Anywhere

Our dashboard makes it easy for you to add the videos to your site, blog or application without writing a single line of code.

Update Video, Not The Link

Need to swap out a video you’ve already uploaded with a new version? You can replace any video without changing the URL or losing your stats.

No Annoyance

No ads before, during, or after your video. Unless of course, you add them yourself with our powerful built-in options.

Never Lose Sight

Track your video’s performance no matter where it's embedded. With real-time data, you can spot trends as they break or for years to come.

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What Clients Say.

Hello, I am Nomad, the team leader of a local fansub group. For a while, I was looking for a video hosting service for our website, which fulfills some requirements, including DMCA ignored, less or without ads, short buffer time, etc. Finally, I found Bakuto, which meets all my wishes. Bakuto is HLS & p2p video streaming service that imports videos directly from Google Drive to its server. Fast streaming, customizable player, unlimited bandwidth, friendly customer service, ad-free video, DMCA ignored, etc. All you want is here in one place.
If you are looking for a video streaming service, I strongly recommend you join the Bakuto family and feel the video streaming freedom.
They will bring you more than you want.
Thank you, Bakuto.

Nomad, fansubber and web developer